Your Perfect Wedding Day

Hundreds have experienced the joy and beauty of a beachfront wedding at Fort Recovery. But yours is that one special day. Experience the wedding of your dreams at Fort Recovery. The pristine beach, the perfect sunset, the intimate setting all combine to create an unforgettable setting to spark a lifetime of romance.  We work with you to ensure that no detail is left untouched. From coordinating vendors, to setting the stage, to taking care of your guests every needs, we want your day to be special. For the wedding party, our Beachside Grand Villa is a perfect place to collect and relax. With up to eight private suites and an expansive living room area that extends onto a spacious porch, your party will be able to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of the Virgin Islands.Fort Recovery is an ideal and unique location for your dream Wedding. We have done weddings as small as just the Bride and Groom, to as extravagant as Seventy to One Hundred friends and family members. Our Resort will cater to and accommodate your every whim to the best of our ability to make your big day in the Caribbean with us, a once in a lifetime experience

What you Should Know

Do we need to bring any special paperwork? The Attorney General’s office requires immigration stamp in your valid passport and the slip from immigration. If there was a divorce you will need the papers (either original paper with the decree of absolution or a certified copy) which can be obtained from a notary republic. If you have a name change, valid passport, divorce papers an original or certified and a decree of absolution, if there is a name change discrepancy you will have to prove it, otherwise you will have to have an affidavit swearing you are who you are.

How do we organize the flowers?
We have a fabulous in house flower designer that picks the most amazing flowers from all over the island and combines them to make bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, table flowers, archway designs and more. If you are specifically requiring flowers that are not from the island (i.e masses of white roses), there are florists nearby that can order them for you.

Do you have salon and other beauty services?
We can do hair, nails, body wraps, and luxurious deep tissue Swedish, & Reflexology massages right on the premises with our staff.

What kind of activities can we plan for our guests?
We have a forty foot Sunseeker Yacht that you can charter to go to a multitude of nearby islands such as Norman Island, The Indians, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and many more. Please inquire with us before booking or any time during your stay with us to arrange a charter or join in on a half day group snorkel trip! Our on-site staff are available to assist you with all your needs!

How do we go about getting a wedding cake?
Many of our guests come to the island with great ideas for their wedding cake designs. We have been very successful with hundreds of Weddings using La Baguette bakery. This bakery is French owned and is famous for  its pastries, fabulous breads and cakes, all beautifully designed. For a reasonable price they can duplicate anything you choose.

Can we get professional photographs of the wedding?
We can put you in touch with local professional photographers.

How do we organize our wedding dinner?
At Fort Recovery we have a very fine chef preparing wedding dinners from 2-75 persons. We always do a formal table setting and allow you to choose where you would like to dine. You can dine on the beach under the stars, in the privacy of your villa or at the restaurant. We have an extensive menu to choose from and can arrange for an open bar.

Can we do a rehearsal dinner too?
Guests that have friends and family coming to the island, no matter how big or small the party, will normally do a welcome dinner and/or Rehearsal dinner. The most popular is a West Indian BBQ night with chicken, ribs, Johnny cakes, coleslaw, potato salad, corn on the cob and dessert. It is an informal gathering enjoyed by all!